SupHerBus Guardin

SupHerBus Guardin plan is on the move!   Greetings All! I am planning to bring the garden to you. Thus we have the SupHerBus Guardin. The details are basic, I get a passenger shuttle bus and remodel that to fit a display like above, and serve fresh herbs to make custom teas for the community. … Continue reading SupHerBus Guardin


Cumin supHerb!

For the record, it's pronounced 'coo-men'! Cumin SupHerb!   I usually add cumin to soups and rice dishes. Toasted in the pan prior to adding the vegetables, this adds aroma and more flavor to the dish. Tasty meals have been made with cumin as a main ingredient. It can be potent, so take it easy … Continue reading Cumin supHerb!