Do you la need a SupHerbin Guardin?


2016-11-18 15.45.03

First, I must appreciate you for reading this message. Thanks!

Now, I will give you the basic details on what a SupHerbin Guardin is and why, perhaps you need one.

From the days of our ancestors till now, we all eat that which is created from the lands. Even GMO’s are from the lands, only they have been modified by human agenda before they reach the consumers. The best part about all of the guardin (garden) stuff is that everyone can do it from home, if they get resourceful. It’s a superb idea to grow herbs!

Thus, we have the SupHerbin Guardin. The idea is to get the seeds you want to sprout and put them into a container or the ground near your home and nurture them to maturity. Schedule a harvest session when the timing is ripe, and voila! You have your SupHerbin Guardin.

I re-purposed these materials to make this sprouting pot. A young tomato plant.

The plans that I will share, were created when I was living in a second story apartment, with a patio. I used container pots suitable for the plants I wanted to grow. I made a chart to keep track of my progress and that allowed me to plan the harvesting accordingly. Overall, I was able to adjust the climate because the patio was partially enclosed. I used a mister to regulate the humidity when it got hot and the plants loved it.

H2O melon
First fruit of my labor!

And now, we have the current SupHerbin Guardin blueprint. If you want to get seeds, I have them for you. I will assist you with where to locate your guardin, what size containers you need to use, if the ground is not an option. I will show you some natural processes to use for feeding your guardins. Plus, I will share pictures of my success to give you more ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

One of the first concepts at a container guardin.

container garden.JPG

Of course, this is mainly for local people here in the 609 area. However, if you need a SupHerbin Guardin assist and you want me to make an appearance, that can be arranged if you cover travel expenses. So, be brave and let’s get the guardin started for a supHerb harvest.

Why do you need a SupHerbin Guardin?

Wellness. I know many healthy people, and a majority of them have access to chemical-free food. Yes, you will be growing this supherb guardin with all that nature has provided. Just as our ancestors did. Besides, this will save you some cash. It’s a known fact that you will cut your grocery cost by 25-50%. It all depends on what you believe you can do and will do to reach that goal. Plan to cut 50% of your food costs and you will but, leave that task to the way side and it may sneak up and steal your wallet at night.

Protect your health and your plans in life. If you are the guard, then be supherb.

Ultimately, it will aid your health, save you money, teach you new techniques, calm your nerves, build your confidence, strengthen your muscles, adjust your habits and perhaps. A SupHerb Guardin will make you wealthy.

Go and figure that out…

Much appreciation again, for joining my journey.


Lanita the Ayurvedic Life Styl’ist