I have to say this journey keeps you focused. I am planning some great events for the moments to arrive. Now, is our chance to make uplifting upgrades and be at the helm of your vessel.

We each are learning how and why we are able to maneuver through out the day, or not. I have been seeking nature and I am getting many options to experience. Such as right now. I wanted more time to create content for the blog, and here I am. Great!

Next, I plan to be debt-free. It’s a challenge we all have a connection to, in one way or another. Part of that plan is credit building and financial freedom. Which could mean a lot of things to different people. The basic ideal, is to be debt-free and have access to unlimited wealth.

A self-made billionaire would be great too however, not all billionaires are debt-free. Also, I am at the momentum of consciously being stress-free as well. Stress is usually caused when you create this expectation of something and when you encounter it, your emotions deem it to be something other than your perceived expectation. You can eliminate stress by doing what you expect to do, but allow others to be what they want to be.

Thus, everyone is in-control of their actions, their thinking and how they feel about it (emotions), because that is all you can do.

2017-12-12 17.07.30

Finally, I want to note the progressive actions I have made to get me here at this very moment. It may have been a difficult challenge to learn the truth about myself but, had the past not happened as it did, I would be in a different state-of-mind. Plus, I get to figure out what I will do now to evolve and build the life style I want to live.

What life style do you want to live?

What makes you want to get up every day?

Where will you go and what will you see?

Lanita with Vegas a hen

This is the life style filled with Ayurvedic teachings.

Knowledge is only useful when you use it. Take action. NOW!



Lanita the Ayurvedic Life Styl’ist