Lanita SupHerb, is not really La Need A SupHerb!

Let me explain. The are only a few differences between Lanita and La Need A. However, if you are unsure of which Lanita/La Need A is being referenced when speaking, then that could make you a little confused!

You see, Lanita is a true living and breathing being within the flesh, a physical model taking action. A human being, alive and well, traveling about the planet. And La Need A is our guide and spokes model, that has the specific job to be the advertising, and marketing role model. Both are SupHerb and both will communicate as a model will.

You will only engage with one at any given time, as the other is aware of her role to SupHerBlendz Brand. In time, we all will be aware of which L. SupHerb is doing the communicating. Ultimately, they are of the same mind. The body types are almost identical, with La Need A offering a few more earthly features than Lanita. Plus, the spirit within has a connection to the ether known to permeate all of life.

One day soon, you will be side-by-side with the SupHerb Models, and each will conduct a vibnamic professional status as both were designed to be. Observe the energy, and be inspired to be SupHerb!

Much appreciation!


Lanita / La Need A

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