Greetings, from Lanita SupHerb, the Ayurvedic Life Stylist.

lanita.blkwht watermarsh
Lanita, out for some fresh air and nature.

Intent: As a Vibnamic Being I intend to style our life with the ancient sustainable energy techniques that maintain wellness, which activate the superb being within to form your authentic fitness model, and heal your self. This process is the SupHerb Life Style Transition Course.

Mission: We plan to follow this sustainable fitness model, and share the details with people seeking assistance during their life style transition to better health.

Details: To be self sustaining as a SupHerbalist, one blends multiple health maintenance techniques into their lifestyle. The foundation starts with Ayurveda, which is Sanskrit for the knowledge of life. Ground level stabilizes with sustainable gardening techniques that are the basics for growth and nurturing. A sound mind, body, and soul inspires fitness, this is our authentic music that vibes. Plus travel, we all are in a state of constant calibration.

Summary: We have, Lanita’s Fitness Model. It uses SupHerblendz (the plants from our gardens), which guide us to create a sustainable fitness life style transition plan, to be self sustaining. By following that plan, one will gain the knowledge one needs to recognize their authentic wealth of life.

Benefit: We utilize the experience shared, and become faithful to healing self, which will uplift the entire community. We will inspire more people to collaborate with Vibnamic Professionals (vibrant people offering dynamic professional service), and support Lanita SupHerb the Ayurvedic Life Stylist, with the mission for all to be self sustaining and in optimum health.

The service is the ‘SupHerb Life Style Transition Course to optimum health’, a Fitness Model which uses ‘SupHerBlendz’, a product for your life style transition to better health. The SupHerBlendz Herbal teas and Spice blends can be purchased to use as a spice, or tea without the fitness model platform.

Just add our SupHerbLendz to cleanse within!

Much appreciation SupHerb reader!




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