Why use SupHerblendz diet teas and spices!

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Well first of all, we are exposed to life altering chemicals all day long.  For example, air freshener spray in the bathroom, or fabric softener on our clothing. We even ingest toxins with our food, called preservatives.

These toxins enter our body and contaminate our blood stream, which is the main cause of dis-ease, along with stress. School children encounter toxic chemicals on the surfaces of the desk, in the carpet and in hand soaps.

However, the adults are using them too. Only they are so busy keeping a schedule that they overlook the harmful toxins creeping into their blood stream. These man-made mixtures are used to cut cost. The end result is sick people full of dis-ease and illness, to be carted off to a hospital or laboratory type location for experimentation.

 Stay calm. Keep reading…


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There is a SOLUTION!

Add SupHerblendz to your diet for a healthier life…

Their are many herbs that can be ingested to reap the benefits of a healthy life style. Many people have a day filled with activities that are prioritized by necessity. Most meals and break time are compromised to get more work done. This lack of dietary care is why many people are deficient of vital nutrients and minerals.

Starting Tips:


Start by reading labels and find out what each ingredient is, be aware of chemicals. If you know what you are eating, you can eliminate the toxins before your ingest them.

Eat fresh organic or home grown chemical-free produce with each meal. This is an option that can be difficult to understand, because they usually cost more. Do your best to eat the best!

Plus, add our SupHerblendz for a taste of life! If cost is your concern, SupHerblendz can be included to your grocery list for less than $4.20 per a day. You can use a spice blend, which is added to your meals daily, as you manage a new plan to make changes for a long term, healthy diet transition.

Ranging from a week supply of tea/spices (approx. $30-$50), up to 16 weeks transition plan (approx. $350-$500). Depending on which blends are needed and/or teas/spices wanted, plus consultation time is included with every week.

With specific qualities, each blend has a detailed job: cleansing, purification or detoxification. Also, the SupHerblendz can assist Feminine issues, Masculine issues, Plasma issues, Liver issues, and even Digestive issues.

basic blendz.crop
This was the 2nd upgraded Herbal Spice Blendz packaging. Now, we have spice jars and tea bags!

Soon to be experienced, you may benefit from adding our SupHerblendz to your meals. A boost in your immune system aiding the healing of all ailments and dis-ease, just as mother nature intended.

SupHerblendz, is a solution.


This is a basic digestive blend! When you are ready, our Digestiv’Ease will aid the digestive system. It’s a great way to let your body know you are making adjustments. Its subtle but effective. Your life style transition will reign on from this one herbal spice blend.


Usually a feminine blend would be exclusively for woman, but the herbs don’t discriminate. Our Femwo’Man tea is proactive in the blood stream, aiding cramp issues, or body temperature calibrations. Stay hydrated and be patient, the magic flows within!


Well here you have it for men and woman. Strengthen your muscle growth and reproductive organs for optimal performance. This Malefo’Us blend may elevate the effectiveness of testosterone in the body during active resting from your workout day. Best results, drink before bedtime!


Detox’a-Me is your start to liver rejuvenation. A tea with Silymarin stimulates the protein synthesis process, causing new liver cells to grow. This is a gentle jump start. Daily use will increase cell growth and aid the removal of toxins. Love Milk Thistle for your liver!


After five years of using herbs for eliminating my aches and pains, the All-OvereLEAF was created. You can use this blend for relief all over, or just for any discomfort within your body. The combined herbs are designed to aid the immunity of your system and clean out many toxins. Thus, it works well at the onset of feeling any discomforts.


This herbal tea was designed to eliminate the group of commonly known symptoms we call a hangover.  Most common are headache pain/pressure or throbbing, plus nausea type symptoms and abdominal discomfort. Hang-OvereLEAF herb will do its job to alleviate symptoms, as long as you refrain from encouraging more hangover symptoms.


Well that is the run down for now. A list of detailed ingredients will be posted soon. You may pre-order now. Just submit a request below, plus ask about getting your custom order of SupHerblendz diet teas and spices for your life style transition.

Have a question about SupHerblendz? Please ask!



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