Decided to Keep It Simple…

The Ayurvedic Life Stylist is La Need A SupHerb, the founder of SupHerbLendz Herbal Teas and Spice Blends. These teas were created while I was going through a life style transition to better health. Ultimately, this process, now known as the SupHerb Life Style Transition Course, has catapulted my entire perspective of what a true wellness plan will provide for its existence. In other words, this is a fitness model made to eliminate all ill symptoms.

Photo by: Lanita P. Location: In tent at the Lakes Bay.

So, how SIMPLE is it?

First of all, let me say that my intention was to heal myself of the stabbing pains I was having in the intestines after I ate a meal. After 100 hours of research on the topic of Health and wellness, I concluded that I needed to cleanse out as much of the stagnate waste in this body, as possible.

Photo by Lanita P. Homemade Macaroni Cheese can clog up your digestive system.

Second, I had no idea that I actually became what I ate. Once it hit me that all of the food that I had eaten has entered this body by way of the digestive system, I had no one else to blame. I did it! Granted I had been trained to eat specific foods and drink certain beverages, no one forced me to do it. Most of the food I ate because, I thought it was beneficial for my body’s growth and development.

Photo by Lanita P. This fruit is possibly GMO’s. Green seedless grapes… Not natural.

Next, I must mention the cleverness of these commercial entities that have used billions of dollars and employee energy to create all logos, advertisement tricks and marketing tactics to brainwash millions of people into wanting and seeking these commercial products. No wonder they are called MANuFactures! Human labor, fake actors. Anyway.

Photo by Lanita P. Like these are healthy, a stick of butter and a bag of marshmallows with puffed rice…

Back to the simple decision. I have decided to focus on my health. This includes all of life and the environment. I have noticed in these last five years during my transition to better health, that when I keep my inner body clean and free of exterior interference, I have a joy of a time with life. Feeling SupHerb! Being present. Creating more value with what I have in the current moment. Like using a free WordPress blog site and pages to express my own experience for the world to read.

Photo by Lanita P. Free energy.

Here is the lite bulb energy for you, perhaps. I wanted to be as natural as I could be, however I was really taking orders from the machines, i.e., the TV, Radio Stations, Electronic Billboards, phone calls, and in modern time, we have internet ads, email spams, text notifications, hotel fa├žades, vehicle wraps made by computers, we even follow orders from an automated voice that we purchased to tell us about things that we are to lazy to research with our own hands and eyes. Glad we have these electronics for convenience, but when it comes to nature, ain’t no substitute.

Finally I will close with the choice. A Food Forest. YES! A Vibnamic Space with Permaculture as the basis mixed into the teachings of Ayurveda, plus all cosmic laws which guides us on to ascension. Inspire to be invigorated! Interject your own navigation and mate within.

Grow YOUR own food. Use your FREE energy. Tend your INNER garden!

Photo by Carl Attard on

Much appreciation to the SupHerb People for all of your support.


La Need A SupHerb


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