Are you a Farmer’s Market Vendor? Join Square and get $1,000 in free processing!

So, I have been working in the greenhouse and the garden since the actual Spring season has arrived. This has guided me to utilize a Square acct. that aids the exchange of goods at the farmer’s market. It’s been a very useful device, and yes I am marketing it to others.

Perhaps you have not heard of the Square device and how it works. I joined with a free account, basic info, and they sent a card swiping square adapter that is inserted into your mobile cellular device. What ever that may be, a cell phone, a tablet or even a laptop. When I have to process a credit/debit card, I have the Square app open and log into my account. The checkout page lets up choose the items that you created, or just type in an amount, click the checkout button and swipe your patrons card. My device vibrates to acknowledge the confirmation of the exchange. The patron makes a digital signature and done. Exchange is made.

So, you pay a small fee to Square, less than 3% of your total. But you can Process $1,000 without fees when you activate a Square account with my link:

This also helps me out as I get some processing fees removed by sharing, BUT you must use this link above to activate your account, or loose the option. I didn’t start my account from a shared link, so currently I am processing with fees deducted. It will be much appreciated to have those fees removed. So, click the link above and join Square today!


La Need A SupHerb


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