What if you don’t care about health?


What if we just don’t care? We all are gonna depart from our bodies anyway? Most people know what suffering is, and what can be classified as right or wrong. However, you are the one that puts power into it, whatever it is… So, why is the game we call life so important. Especially if no one cares to be healthy but you. (or me in this case.)

Watching other people suffer is a difficult position. Or perhaps they are not suffering and it just looks that way… Observers are observing the environment.

Maybe I am suffering and the other people are just watching me attempt to be in better health. Who knows? Apparently, I am not sure if I know what the other people are doing, but I know exactly what I am doing.

Eye know what I am doing!
Eye know.

Anyway, is our purpose of being a live on Earth to evolve like these computer systems and programming codes? Reverse that and you have us. Cause we are just quantum technology in flesh bodies. We are a current too. Also, without a program, within our operating system (the brain), we would malfunction correct, as some insane people do.

Our mind, body and soul must be able to harmonize successfully, in order to perform the functions necessary, while we are immersed within this physical existence. At some moment, your consciousness will be in sync, allowing every aspect of proper function to be an action of expression towards a chosen outcome.

Can it really be that simple. To continuously continue to build upon that which you have already built from the foundation up. Our childhood is what most of us are working with as a foundation for how to live life in this current existence…

2017-08-21 13.24.26
Just before total solar eclipse.

I suppose I have made a choice to be here during this time of change on the planet Earth. Eventually I will re-member my soul’s contract. Check with the Oracle, I am the ONE!

So are we all. The 1!

I am SupHerb and I know that. I must be the hero in my life. My customs department is working overtime to secure our throne. It’s in me bones. I can feel it pulsating from my phone. The current within me. Why can’t you see, the frequency vibrating around the trees. The illusion has pole-luded you with dis-ease. Yes, did somebody sneeze, spreading microscopic particles scrambling free like radicals and peas! Oh please. Just be…

2014-09-21 01.17.58

What is the purpose? Perhaps you have a different perspective…


Much appreciation for reading this thought of a thing!





2014-10-28 21.19.44
(gluten-free) La Need Apricot muffins


(Photo source for feature image courtesy of Sweet E’s Cakes. All photos taken by Lanita, unless specified.)

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