Sprout that seed, your time is NOW!

Full potential, sprouts from optimal performance!

Getting the knowledge you need to recognize your authentic wealth in life, has just got easier. Many years ago, I thought I wanted to own a night club, so I can have a life style of partying every night if I wanted. After living in Las Vegas for about 10 years, I actually decided to alter that original life style idea, as I have worked in many night clubs and music venues that promote the life style I wanted to live.

As time ticketed on, I noticed how little I actually visited the night life scene, which is due to a change of my thoughts and beliefs surrounding health and wealth, plus the material items I had acquired. These items were day light oriented, such as plants and fitness outfits, or aquatic gear. A new life style was developed!

I now have experience in farming and/or gardening. I love the ocean and all that it has to offer. Plus, a natural attraction to photography and recording videos. You wouldn’t know it here, because I tend to keep them for myself. It has become a SupHerb learning experience, getting to know my self. I have used the past five or so years to do that. And, I feel the moment has arrived for Lanita, whom has become SupHerb. To share this knowledge and wisdom from a life style transition to better health.

Here, I have only put a tiny scratch on the surface. And I know that there is so much more for me to learn, as I know that I don’t know much of anything. Except my own experiences. Which seems to be what so many SupHerb people are also seeking.

Homemade spinach artichoke dip from raw foods, and a grapefruit fennel salad.


Truth about their health, and why are they suffering from many ailments or a disease.

This current progressive process of a life style transition began when I wanted to know the truth about my own health issue in 2012. The doctors all had conflicting diagnosis. And none of their “treatments” guided me to better health.

So, that was when I took control at the helm of Kra-Z Lanita, with the intent to change course towards self healing. Kra-Z stands for: gaining Knowledge you need to Recognize your Authentic Zai (wealth in Japanese). The Kra-Z Lanita life style is the foundation to La Need A SupHerb Fitness Model building blocks.

U C, had I not pursued the crazy life style while living in Vegas, the superb life style I live NOW, would have never been recognized.

On YouTube, type ‘La Need A SupHerb’ and you will find the hidden gym/jem. I will be uploading more videos and the like, giving the SupHerb people the same information I learned and utilized. Also, here on word press, I am progressively adding posts about topics that tell truth. If you are reading this, now is the time.

With the intent to alter the lives of many, I offer you the tools required to make adjustments gradually. We must start with the most important entity, your self in the present. Use this tool to begin your life style transition to better health.

the NOW! notebook

When you make the purchase a special offer will follow a short time after. Only those that are ready to make the transition now are encouraged to do so now. Since you are reading this, that would insinuate that you are ready.

Stir your Soup…

A SupHerb Life Style Transition Course, to become superb. The search is over, learn what you need, and gain the knowledge to recognize your authentic Zai/wealth.

A rose in perfection, shines bright!

Much appreciation SupHerb readers!



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