5 Overlooked Reasons your Health is at Risk

Overlooked may be an understatement!

There are a lot of speculation about these connections we all have within our body, mind, and soul. The truth is the truth. And it will be the truth till the end of time, which may be continuous…

Fried farm animal feces.


Why do we wash off our food? To get rid of “dirt”.


Can we really call feces dirt? Perhaps…


Most people will touch dirt willingly. Others have to be reassured that it’s fine to touch dirt, just don’t eat it. And then there are those brave people we call farmers, that have no issue with using manure on the crops of food for nutrient rich soil.

The truth here is, feces may be good depending on how you utilize it.

So, 5 reasons that get overlooked, are you using something incorrectly through habit. And this habit maybe causing these effects that are putting your health at RISK?

Again, The truth is the truth. Take a look and perhaps trigger an ah’ha moment…


Much appreciation SupHerb people!




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