Here are 5 reasons to detox and start your SupHerb life style transition to better health!

It all starts within!

If you have been wondering what detoxing is and why cleansing can be beneficial for your health? I will give you 5 reasons to stop wandering and start your life style transition today.


I must tell you that, I use to be one of those people who would turn up my nose at the talk of doing yoga, or only eating a plant-based diet. I would make fun and say, “Those are girlie things to do, I wanna get buff by lifting weights and eat protein from meats.” That was nearly ten years ago…

Perhaps I have added ten more years to my life by seeking better health, and yes, I do yoga regularly. There are some occasional wild meats in this strict no-chemical diet, such as home raised chickens, venison and wild caught fish. But that is all a part of why I started a life style transition to better health.

So, here are just five reasons, (that get over looked), to detox and cleanse your body:

  1. Body Performance – If you keep talking about how your getting old and can’t do the things that you use to be able to do, just ten years ago. Well, as I just mentioned about me and what my thoughts were ten years ago, that can be enough proof for you to seek betterment. Your body will perform better once you start to detox and be consistent with your cleansing routines.
  2. That leads to – Have More Energy. When your system has released some of the toxins that have clogged up your body for years. It performs better and that means more energy is now able to power your body, and you have more stamina. The energy is created from your organs performing better since you have cleaned away some of the sludge. The more obstructions removed within your body, the better the energy will flow to your body parts, and/or organs.
  3. And on to – Body Odor. Yes people, the smell your body gives off is a direct mirror of what is going on in your body. Our skin has pores. These pores are capable of absorbing into the body, as well as out of the body. So, when you have high levels of toxins within your body, you will smell like a toxic dump. It’s no coincidence that you may need to shower several times a day. You may want to shower your insides just as much by doing a regular cleanse on the inside of your body. When that deodorant stops working two hours after you shower. Start detoxing, ASAP! But be gentle, a progressive release such as a life style transition may need to happen over many weeks, or even years depending on your current state of being. Swap out the processed foods for better options while starting your cleansing journey.
  4. Now, when you can TRUST that – you can trust your self to better health. Only you can determine this self-trust. Once you develop a sense of trust from within, which happens when you detox and cleanse the inside of your body, better health is bound to follow. Our body experiences discomfort to let us know that something is out of balance. It is your duty to learn and know what the discomfort means, plus why it is happening so you can correct the issue. Trust that you know what your body is telling you and assist self with better health by fixing your self. Eliminate that which is causing the discomforting effects, i.e. pains and illnesses, and one can be in better health.
  5. Ultimately, one will gain more Clarity. Clarity about what you want to do with your body every moment. Such as, what type of service is best for you to engage in while helping people, like at work or on the job. Be clear about what color clothes to wear each day by expressing your mood. Or perhaps, be able to decide which foods to eat and when to eat these foods, with total brevity and conviction. Many times, I have been directed to eat certain foods that have specific minerals and vitamins that my body needs after a workout. I am clear that I will only eat wild meats or fish. Why? Because they make me feel better than when I ate commercially farmed meats or fish. Plus, the research I did also gave me the details about the benefits of eating certain foods. All from having clarity about what I want to do or have at every moment.

These five reasons all contribute to better health from the life style transition I experienced over the past five years. At the beginning, I had to read articles and research information that explained most of the details. I was not aware that a detox would make me feel better. I only speculated about what seemed to be unreal.

The only actual proof that will change your life style, is you wanting to be better than where you are right now. A detox will trigger tribal nerves and stimulate new growth within your immune system. Growth that is fueled by nourishment and purpose.

If your purpose is to lose weight. Than know what that weight is. Why it lingered within you. How to release it. When to release it. And learn why that weight has harmed your mind, body and soul. So that you can be clear, about keeping better health within.

I am assisting people with a life style transition to better health because, it makes me feel good to share this information about detoxing and cleansing. I have experienced better performance, more energy, better body odor, self-trust, and more clarity about what to do during this life. Also, how to be and what actions I want to command of my self, to be in better health.

2018-05-18 21.31.26
Organic blue corn chips dressed with fresh homemade turmeric-salsa, fresh soaked and cooked beans, pure lentil pea protein powder and SupHerBlendz Digestiv’Ease spice blend.

Five reasons plus, many more. If you read between the lines. You will benefit by utilizing the experiences I have to share with you. It can be a challenge. Constantly seek options for a solution, and one will arrive. Or 5!

Much appreciation for reading this SupHerb message.

A rose in perfection, shines bright!




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