“Better” Health Consultation today!

Get your SupHerb consultation by the Ayurvedic Life Stylist!


Greetings SupHerb people, this is your opportunity to actually get an authentic perspective from a being that has done a shift to live a life style for better health.

I use to be Kra-Z, but now I am SupHerb!

The past crazy life style that had ruled over this being, has developed into a superb existence. One will generate more energy with an upgraded body and sustainable mind-set.

Are you ready to become SupHerb?

Have you been seeking to lose weight?

Will you do anything to find the best diet plan for you?

Take the time to contact me about the SupHerb Fitness Model.


It was created with the teachings of Ayurveda (The knowledge of life). Ancient teachings over 5000 years old, is where this knowledge has come from. I have studied these teachings, and I am sharing that experience with the SupHerb people.

A life style transition to better health will be the answer for many people. The experience from start to superb will vary for each of us. However, the process will always be the same.

Seek and you will find the answer. A consultation today will offer you a new option for better health. Just as I did nearly five years ago. I wanted to know the truth about why my health was in such a poor state. I thought I were eating good foods and getting the proper exercise for my body.

But I was not. My mental state allowed me to wander off the path, and take direction from others seeking to use my kindness for there gains. That forced me into what I thought was a set back, at the time. I had to start over a new.


The new life style is one built on the foundation of ancient knowledge, Ayurveda. I used many hours over the past five years, learning how to make Ayurveda a life style to have better health. Only progressive actions have been able to uplift this process towards a successful life style transition.

I am so grateful for having the hardships that forced one to find this life knowledge. The truth will set you free, as one must also be ready to be turned loose. Synchronize That!

Only the powers of the universe can create this divine moment.

So, I offer a new option to those seeking betterment. Contact me, and we will set you free. Tell me about your new life style, in 1 or 2 sentences.




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