Second rated outing gets Lanita SupHerb…

Lanita SupHerb Outing!

Iron Room @ 648 N. Albany Ave.

Atlantic City, NJ 609-348-6400



Definitely the place to go for…

2018-04-26 18.39.11

Iron Room in Atlantic City

Greetings SupHerb readers,


On this day (the twenty-sixth of April) a Thursday, Lanita decided to go to the drink pairing for Little Water Distillery event without my invited guest, a whiskey connoisseur.


I was dropped-off and walked past the thrift shop to see what looks like a vacant business. A sign pointed to enter the side door. Chef was tending to business on his cell phone as I approached the door, I spoke Hello. He nodded with a reply back and I went inside.


I was greeted by the event host Brian, and he acknowledged my paper ticket for marketing purposes.


It’s a tiny bar area, but efficient, apparently. They also have a dining room for those wanting the full experience, and dinner menu options. The bar’s lounge seating area is upscale strip club style. If they had a pole, I would be game, bet! (LMAO!)


As the night moved on, I noticed they attracted an older age, upscale crowd. Possibly seeking refuge from the youngling’s. I like their ambiance!


They were a bit standoffish when I arrived. I sat semi alone on the cushioned bench facing the bar. I hung my coat on the chair sharing the low stature round table, and got comfortable.


I observed the staff and the other guest, thinking, “I can have a spot similar to this.” I introduced myself to the solo gentleman sitting to my right. He had a dining menu, and I asked to take a glimpse at it, reminding myself to take a picture of my meal when it arrives. (A reference to my visit @ MMG, 28.5.18 SupHerb Outing post.)


My choice was for the Fish Tacos and Make’Em Dance dish, fries with mushroom gravy and fancy cheese blend, (pictured above). I figured the fish would be local and the potatoes will be fresh cut, this fits my dieting criteria.


A taste of the mushroom gravy on top the over-sized steak fries was my first option. Delicious flavor from the cheese blend as it co-mingled with the gravy, creating a most tasty potato bite. Great serving size as well.


The fish taco is topped with a red cabbage slaw that worked well with the fish, served with a lime wedge. A third taco would have offered more connection with the fish flavors. Which I enjoyed, all of it.


Before we ordered, my seat mate had a friend join him. We chatted about the pairing event, plus the various items on the menu. They spoke of the lack of parking available in the private lot. Good thing the surrounding neighborhood offered spaces near by.


However, they were virtually silent once their meals arrived. Both got the burger and they looked tasty. He and his buddy said it was, as the empty plates also said so.



Burger shot.

I did get to eat one of the house pickles, offered to me. It had to be the best pickle pucker ever. Out, in a dining situation. I have made my own pickles and I will say, “What a great selection of herbs in this pickling process.”


Nearing the end, I visited the restroom. It is spacious and clean. Perhaps another one could have benefited this busy evening at the establishment.


The waiter cleared the dishes, and I mentioned that we may want to let the waiter know, three separate checks. Needless to say, he gave us a totaled check. Which we came in separately, and we sat a part until the friend came to sit with his buddy, next to me.


Then he made an effort to correct the issue, and offered to split the check equally three ways. (LOL!) And again we stated, no, three different orders all separate and not together.


Finally, I got my check and was charged an extra dollar for my happy hour fries. No big deal, cause I am sure he confused himself with the order combination mishap. We were not asked if these were going to be separate tickets, or not. So, I made my adjustment and they got what the waiter missed. And yes my tip was over 15% of my order amount and within my budget.


At the end, I stayed a while longer once the guys departed. I wanted to further observe the staff and guest’ experience from my view point. The bartender turned on the TV to watch the draft, and all continued to enjoy the remainder of the pairing event.


Which, being a non-drinker, it seemed to be very engaging and informative. Perhaps, I can visit again with people that will admire the spirits. As I initially planned.


Considering the cost, the average individual may find the price right for the quality of service, compared to… No other like it!



During Happy Hour!

2018-04-26 18.37.44
Cocktail list made with Little Water Distillery spirits.


The Iron Room has got a service oriented ambiance. Be prepared to use some credit for the dining experience.


I got wind of the Iron Room via Little Water Distillery, so seek out a tour with them for their marketing efforts.


As a local supporter, I will give Iron Room another visit to evaluate during a normal business day.




Definitely the place to go for a ‘Grand Finally’ meal with the high-end Culinaria!

-Lanita SupHerb


Cons: The parking situation may get shifty, if crowded. So carpool, or use the bus system, there is a stop on that corner. And I’m sure the best experience is with a friend, bring one or a few.



My only regret:

Attending during a joint event without my invited guest, whom is a connoisseur of whiskey and spirits. That was the main reason for my attendance, it was his born day gift. Next time…

The Iron Room earned the Lanita SupHerb-‘4′ rating.

Great appreciation to the Iron Room staff, and Chef Kevin for the delightful outing, and hosting the Little Water Distillery drink pairing. You give vibnamic people like me another dining location to In-joy.



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