First rated outing gets Lanita SupHerb…

The start of a dining guide for those seeking chemical-free-range foods.

Lanita SupHerb Outing!

Muscle Maker Grill @ 331 Tilton Road, #15

Northfield, NJ 609-241-0224


From their website:

First rated outing gets Lanita SupHerb approval!

“Definitely the place to go for high-end protein rich, Fast-made Food.”

-Lanita SupHerb

Muscle Maker Grill in Northfield

Greetings SupHerb readers,

On this day (21.4.18), Lanita decided to take the leap and dine out, by choice. WoW! That is a BIG deal because I am one of the most disciplined people when is comes to eating out and what I choose to consume.

So, I ended up at the Muscle Maker Grill (MMG) after discovering that I was a week early to attend the ‘Spring Cleaning with Vegan Basics’ event at the Honey Tree. The owner didn’t mind, we chatted for a while about my Ayurveda studies and the pursuit of future business collaborations, before I did some thrifty shopping in the Arc Makes Cents.

Oh, the MMG, yes. I spotted this location the night before as Mom and I rode past it going to Bonterra Market. When we got home, she was surfing through the pages of the Clipper magazine and on page seven, she found the advertisement with a few nifty coupons. We both chuckled as we made fun about how we just seen the place on New Road. Anyway, I had to go in and see for myself if I would actually eat anything on their menu.

The location is easy to access, as it makes great use of the ol’ sub place it use to be. A fresh entry from the west facing door. It has an inviting service counter and the restrooms are located as they should be. I got a grand greeting as I walked over to pick-up a menu. Placed perfectly at the register for customer assistance if needed. I told them I was going to look at the menu and they waited attentively.

I did, however sit down. My thrift store bag-arm workout was at failure, and my biceps could hold no more.

Twenty minutes later when Mom arrived with the coupon book, we headed to the counter and ordered. A Grass-fed Burger with no romaine, baked potato, and a bottled iced-tea for Mom. I requested the Veggie wrap with no reduced fat cheddar, go figure to the cheese option. Dairy may not be my thing, but it could have been real cheddar from grass-fed dairy cows. Healthy right!

The aroma of our meals being grilled filled the dining area, as Mom noted “It smells good, ummm”. In a short few minutes the staff member served us our dishes on a cute white kidney bean shaped plate with the sides in a serving bowl upon it.

I forgot about that, my cucumber salad was prepped well, as the seed were removed and skin peeled. It had just the right amount of red wine vinegar, red onions and parsley mixed in.

Mom dove into her baked potato, requesting some salt, as I negated to bring my Himalayan salt with me. I guess the iodized packets worked well, potato was devoured. She offered me a bite of the burger, but I politely declined as she seemed to be energetically enthused about it.

My garlic herb wrap was tightly rolled, and did justice to the red beans, mushrooms, green peppers matched with the delightfully cooked brown rice.

Not MMG, Chicken Oriental Salad.
Featured photo not MMG, by Lanita (@ A%%leb&&’s with Mom.)

“Overall, definitely the place to go for High-end Protein rich Fast-made Food.”

-Lanita SupHerb

The Muscle Maker Grill earned a SupHerb-4 rating.

Cons: the cheese options may not be the healthiest, along with the other prepackaged items. Which the packaging with the ingredients labeled was not available for viewing.

My only regret:

I was so interested in the items on the menu and enjoying myself with Mom, I forgot to take a picture of our tasty meal when it was served. That’s it. Guess I’ll have to go back soon and order the same thing.

Much appreciation to the MMG staff for offering the great experience. I will return.




To learn more about how Lanita SupHerb conducts the ratings, visit



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