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I am here to give an opinion about Karatbars!

Please read the article in totality before developing your opinion!

Yes, some people know about the fiat dollar that has been circulating around the globe for many years. And it had a lot of value at one moment in time prior to a U.S. President’s command to make change. Now, most dollars are worthless than the paper they are printed on, but we still give it value. Why?

2015-06-22 10.36.28

It is given value by the thrust of the people using it. And since most people only have access to these paper dollars, they generate this hidden value upon trust. They trust that they can purchase goods and services with their dollars and they can. As long as the being with the goods or services are willing to accept your papers in exchange for their products and/or services.

2015-07-04 10.19.30

Where does this lead to? Well for one, gold was the value that is no longer atached to the dollar. However, if you go and exchange your gold for money, most of the time you will gladly get paper money for the valuable gold. And that is because the gold has a whole hell of a lot more value than those paper bills we call money. Just like that board game we played as children to learn how cash and life works.

A piece of paper
A piece of paper

To the gener8 currency info. I have found another alternative for gaining cash and valuable profits. I am also able to use this method to assist other people with the same gains that I have. And it has been circulating around the globe via word of mouth, and on the internet like most things. It is going to be the currency of the future from now on. That is Karatbars!

Karatbars is gold bullion in small denominations, that are being used now for the exchange of goods and services, currently around the globe. And you can even get your own gold bullion and use it for exchange just by doing just that. Exchange it.


“My mission is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford. My goal is to help millions find financial freedom from the current system of debt with Karatbars.”

-Harald Seiz Founder and Visionary of Karatbars

KB Logo black
Please click for the link!

I love gold. The color!

It has an attraction, which will attract that which seeks it.

So, if you want Gold, you have found it.

VW Passat.
My Gold Passat!

Anyway, I want every one else that is seeking gold currency to have access to Karatbars. There is also a Karatbars Coin, and a Karatbars Cash and Karatbars Branding Cards. All with the actual gold bullion secured within the vessel of currency.

See for your self!

Showgirls bullion
Click to view Karatbars products!

I must end this article with this. Do your own research about the dollar and why it has no value. Also, do your due diligence and check out Karatbars as well. I did. I even met Harald in Las Vegas. He learned English so he could communicate with the people around the planet. Great enthusiasm I must say!

A presentation of more details HERE!

Much appreciation for generating your currency!




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