Cumin supHerb!

For the record, it’s pronounced ‘coo-men’! Cumin SupHerb!


I usually add cumin to soups and rice dishes. Toasted in the pan prior to adding the vegetables, this adds aroma and more flavor to the dish. Tasty meals have been made with cumin as a main ingredient. It can be potent, so take it easy on your first go round!

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CuminCuminum cyminum, is in the Apiaceae family. Native to Asia, India and the Mediterranean, cumin prefers a hot arid climate. Cumin and Sweet cumin should not be confused. Sweet Cumin is anise (Pimpinella anisum), also Black cumin, or black seed (Nigella sativa) is not botanically related to cumin.

cumin plant

Cumin is used globally as a culinary herb. It is aromatic, containing up to 4 percent of essential oils. Its taste properties are warm, spicy and slightly sweet. In Ayurvedic medicine, cumin is added in recipes that are heavy on pungent tastes, because it is a good antidote to pungent foods like tomatoes and chilies. A decoction of cumin, Jaljari can be taken as a cooling drink in the summer.


Cumin has medicinal properties as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, aromatic, carminative, diuretic and emmenagogue. Use the seeds of the cumin plant fresh, dried, toasted, and to extract the essential oil.


Cumin is used as a diuretic and to treat upset stomach and flatulence. Cumin tea made from boiling dry seeds in hot water is used to distinguish false labours (due to gas) from real labor. By toasting cumin seed and then boiling them in water, makes a tea used to soothe acute stomach problems.

cumin seed

Cumin seeds are also being studied for their anti-carcinogenic properties.

Cumin is a major component of curry and chili powders.

A side effect is GRAS – the oil may have photosensitizing effects.

And that is SupHerb! Lots more uses for cumin, I use it in the SupHerblendz Digestiv’Ease blend…







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