How to use diet teas and spices by SupHerblendz!


SupHerblendz are made for travel. You can drink SupHerblendz as a tea, or add the spice to your food at meal-time. First time users can start with using one tea bag each day. Make your tea early and put it into a stainless steel or BPA-free bottle for travels.



To make the tea: place herbal tea bag in ceramic or glass tea cup, add boiling water.

Let that steep for 10 mins., covered with a saucer to keep the heat in.

Pour tea into your travel container, and fill-up with spring, filtered or high pH water. You want to make approximately 24 – 32oz. of fluid. You will drink your SupHerblendz tea throughout the day.

To use the herbal spice: Grind approx. 1 teaspoon of herbs on to your food each day. Gradually increase the amount every three days up by 1 teaspoon. After 9 days you should be using 1 tablespoon of SupHerblendz spice each day. Continue that amount till your spice grinder jar is empty.

Herbs are most potent when freshly ground, so consume your SupHerblendz soon after the Packed: date. That date will be written on the spice grinder jar label. If kept in a cool, dark and dry area, they will remain fresh longer.


Made on date label
The date your herb blend was made is written on the label near my approval initial. Here it was ‘Packed: 28.2.18’.

It may take 1-3 hours to feel reLEAF when drinking the tea. When possible, do NOT use SupHerblendz with alcohol, processed foods, meats or dairy. The tea works best at eliminating these toxins when your stomach is free of the toxins. Plan to drink your tea 45 – 60 mins before or after a meal. Otherwise, the extra liquid with your food will dilute the stomach acids causing sluggish digestion. Which could lead to gas or indigestion.

The spice blend, as a powder (solid food) will be digested with your food creating a gradual detox over time. Keep in mind your purpose for adding the herbs to your diet. You want to transition to a better diet, so continue to eat healthier meals by eliminating the toxins that are causing dis-ease and ailments. It may take you 14-30 days to do that.

Eventually, you will feel better because your digestive system is working better. With less toxins to filter out, your body can work on repairing the damaged cells from your past habits. Keep your plans to follow your own course, the path will become clear.

SupHerblendz can aid your life style transition to better health.

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