Kra-Z vs. SupHerb

The details are being authentic.

One task at a time.

Need I say more. Yes!

2011-12-11 20.35.26
Does this even need a caption!…

Kra-Z Lanita was the name I got from doing that which no one else would do, like pose for a picture in a massage table bag. I got in that bag after months of saving cash to move to Las Vegas, and live where I only knew two other people. Not that bold but, I did it. Of course this photo was nearly 10 years later.


At Aria
The Liquid photo op!


I ended up staying and living a great life for many years. I guess everyone was sure I was crazy. However, Vegas is just like every other place, its on Earth and we all have a choice to live where mother nature will allow it.

Perhaps living on a boat off the Atlantic coast, could have been an even crazier option fifteen years ago. Anyway, I love living in Vegas and I also love living near the coast. Two very dramatically different climates but, they both have people and casinos thriving within the trees or lack there of.

2014-12-22 11.46.39
IMM: mail letters with a signature and a thumb print!

Kra-Z also incorporated the life style of gaining Knowledge to Recognize your Authentic wealth (Zai=Wealth, Japanese). The wealth of life can be what ever you make it. Fun times with friends and family or party time with co-workers and housemates. We all decided, one-way or another.


The choice is yours. Many people will never innerstand that. If you want to be happy, then be. If you want to be sad, then be. If you want to be worried, then be. Lots of times people want everybody else to be what they are. It makes them feel important. And we all want to feel important. I prefer to be important at my own expense.


Rarely do I share my feelings about the accomplishments I have gained. Ultimately, they are for me to acknowledge and celebrate. I love it when I complete a lengthy list of tasks, and no one but me knows about it. I feel great knowing what I am capable of and I did all by my self, like a big girl! LOL!

There are various moments when I wish I had somebody to share the celebrations with, but many are just are not ready to comprehend the joy of self accomplishment. Discipline is my best friend. If I shun discipline, I feel the emotional let down within many of my cells. We all agreed to do a specific set of tasks in order to reach a certain point in life. The necessary steps to become that which we are seeking to be, can be a daunting sequence of actions. However, we are already aware of the foundation we built from following our plan of action thus far.

At some point, we see the tunnel and reLEAF starts to take its course. I want to in-joy that time when its the perfect time for us (the body, mind and spirit) to be in joying it. Now is the time of building. The foundation is sturdy and safe for upward construction. The cranes are in place, all we need is for the materials to be set as designed in the blueprint we made before the foundation was completed. Only non-structural revisions are to be implemented from here on up or out…

lanita.blkwht watermarsh

To all the people, ready to be hy-oured for a life-time of building the bridge with consciousness. Collaboration application relationships are being reviewed till 2020. It must be mutual, as that is the only way a true contract is binding. Only now in quantum mode, your actions are your bond. We left the words on the foundation of truth. Trust by action is the relationship. If you are doing it then, you will be doing it. Just as I am typing these letters in a sequence to be read by people attracted to the frequency of this message.




This is about Kra-Z vs. SupHerb!

Those who real-lies the act-tual action of this title are aware that its the same. One has created the other. Without light there is no shadow. Can a plane go up without coming down. Does water hy-drate the dryness that can overflow with an abundance of moisture. Rich would not be without poor. Its all a matter of ware one is in the cycle, and if you choose to be the 1 or the other.

Why not be Kra-Z and SupHerb? Perhaps you never thought that could be a possibility. Or perhaps, you never actually thought for YOUR self. Remove the “Y” and its “our” self. Totality is thinking for you, but you were not aware that you had a choice to be what you actually want to be. Do as you please, but harm none.


Becoming Lanita SupHerb
Transitioning to Lanita SupHerb with Kra-Z Lanita living on within!


I want to be an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. So, I decided to enroll in a course that will teach me why and how to do that. I love it. It’s actually assisting me with teaching myself what I had been seeking my whole life. The one thing that I never really thought I could be doing. Considering that I had not been able to fathom that it actually exists. The truth.

Knowledge about anything, and everything one would ever want to know how to do. And we are all capable of this action. The action that most people will never actually real-lies they are doing, because they have been seeking for the answer outside of them selves.

The answer “lies” within. That is the truth. For years, I wanted to do what every body else wanted me to do. That path got me put in jail. That path made me sell things that I needed. That path gave me debt. That path took me for a ride I never planned to traverse. That path made me angry. That path stripped me of my joy. That path made me fear my own success.

How dare I deny myself the option to be grand and loved! We are the architects created to build with our own designs. It all matters, and we are the matter. So, what’s the matter with you?

Fried farm animal feces.

Are you in shock to know the truth? Are you at the part in your programmed cycle when you are in constant denial? How dare you? It’s not a game. Or is it?

Do you want to play a game? Better opt to read the manual with all of the vital rules and regulations of the game. Maybe find the cheat sheet and codes too!

I did! If you want to know what they are, you better ask somebody! Soon you will receive an answer, and you best be ready to decode it. Usually, one will locate a cipher type manual (like cliff notes) with detailed objectives and such, after many f&ck ups. In this age of information, surely you will come across something soon. Dig deep and be ready for blast off once you hit near the bottom of the rabbit’s hole. Or at least what seems to be the bottom…

Alright we are back! And the being has decided to take the purple pill.

Yanni it is!
Yanni at UNLV 2012!

Yanni you say? Right, there are no lines on the Earth.

2016-01-25 00.23.17

We are approaching near a coast. Prepare for a water landing.

2016-10-15 16.22.53


2018-01-31 20.34.18

This thing hovers! Well I’ll be…

Hovering? Yes!

2016-08-12 16.28.38

That is SupHerb.





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