The Ayurvedic Life Styl’ist is…

Much appreciation for joining Lanita SupHerb!

 Your wish is your command. — K. Trudeau

The Journey Begins

2014-12-22 11.46.39

One will attract that which they think?

Greetings! I must say it has been a great 2018 and many more 2000’s to experience.


I am Lanita SupHerb, the Ayurvedic Life Styl’ist. My intent is to style our life with the teachings of Ayurveda, and utilize sustainable gardening techniques, which stimulate the mind to formulate your authentic fitness model for healing self, and the community. As my mission, I will follow this sustainable fitness model, and share the details with people seeking my assistance during their life style transition to be self sustaining. I am blending Ayurveda which is Sanskrit for the knowledge of life, with sustainable gardening techniques that I have learned and used successfully, plus fitness and hospitality for the social aspect of people gathering.

Thus, we have Lanita’s Fitness Model. It uses SupHerblendz, which is the guide to create a sustainable fitness life style transition plan for you to be self sustaining. By following that plan, you will gain the knowledge you need to recognize your authentic wealth.

Also, by supporting me, you will inspire the community to collaborate with vibnamic professionals such as myself, committed to healing self and uplifting the community.

Stay tuned-in, to feel the vibnamics!





VLUU L200  / Samsung L200
A no Dairy cheesecake option!

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