Greetings, SupHerb People on Earth! NOW time is with the wholeness… La Need A Fitness Model? I bet you do. The solution a rose in perfection, and it shines bright!

Typewriter Eraser
There are two of these?

Hence the eraser used on typewriters… Perfectly made to make adjustments as needed. We are living ‘proof’ that all things will be altered. None of us are still the child we were birthed on that day…

It is perfectly normal to want modifications, however, what are we adjusting to become? Many are just doing what someone else told them they should be doing. While others are simply following the crowd that someone told them to follow. Eventually, the destination gets crowded with numerous people all wondering why they are here!

If you don’t know, than why bother to be present.

It’s a supherb moment when you are able to navigate your life knowing what and why you are here. I use to go ‘clubbin’, but now I seek nature. It’s a nurturing experience, being able to provide for your self what you need. Besides financial acquisition, we need nourishment and a space to rest our body.

Some, would disagree that we do need financial accessibility, but in order to live a modern life with other people within a certain system, that need is a must. So why not ditch that system and utilize a new one that inspires collaboration and self accountability.

A blast from the past! The tribal life style has many benefits to aid the masses, if the masses were only aware of this natural system. It has been shrouded in myth and false information over the many generations of civilized life style transitioning.

Whom is to lead this grand way of living with community? We all must. Mainly because we all already are. The connection that is everything is that very same cordage. Birth/berth. The masses were all born from a woman with a womb, emerging from the waters of life!

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

People attempt to erase that which is the *truth*!

Nature is the truth. One will never get a turtle to pretend it is a bird. A cat does not know how to lie. Your dog will always seek to please you. And a repetitious life style will lead to insanity.

Change is the only constant that exists. Time, light, metal, earth, air, temperature, emotions, plants, amoebas, parasites, strength, hair, wood, water, life and even variables all change…

Wait a minute! What about now? Now is always now, yes, but what you are experiencing now has changed. It has changed from even a second ago. And again. And even now. So technically, now changes too… And basically, the truth is knowing what to listen to, now. As time changes, and people change, words change, teachings changes, your mind changes or, you change your mind. Why?

Because you must adjust and make modifications constantly!

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

SupHerBlendz will assist all whom seek and need the aid for change in their life. This is your choice. Honor your self and grant access to new customs for your systems’ operations. That is what SupHerBlendz has done for me!

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200
A no Dairy cheesecake option!




P. S. I will be utilizing a platform to share more information on herbs and spices, plus how the Ayurvedic Life Styl’ist can improve your experience. So, check back soon!

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Lanita SupHerb Outings

Lanita SupHerb Outings, Rating & Qualifications Guide



Dining guide for those seeking chemical-free-range foods.


Greetings to all!

Strawberry Mochi

I must introduce Lanita SupHerb the Ayurvedic Life Styl’ist, as the disciplined dietary consumer she has become over the past five years of living. A chain of events lead to the life style transition, now known as the Lanita Fitness Model. It incorporates a series of actions and tactics utilized to free the mind, body, and spirit of toxins that cause obstructions and blockage within the human construct. So, this path offers the opportunity to be self sustaining while living an upgraded life style that uplifts, a catalyst to joy for accepting the truth in life, plus the experience.


The diet of Lanita SupHerb created a strict union with fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and herbs. Later, wild and free-range game became an addition to meals once given a chance to be of significance. Fluids consist of fresh, mineralized, spring, alkaline, or high-frequency charged H2O. These kinds of water are used to drink, make other beverages and food, clean with, bathe in, and anoint, for better health options all over.


By the elimination of chemicals, toxins, preservatives, by-products, man-made foods, high-heat processes, GMO’s and all unnature-made occurrences, one has the ability to manifest that which serves their best interest, such as your goals, dreams, hobbies and desires. Why would any one want to manifest these interests? For pure, true love and happiness for their life’s existence. We all want to be important, or have a purpose to live for, and it is this very reason why Lanita SupHerb curbed Kra-Z Lanita using the NOW! notebook and SupHerblendz diet teas and spices. We are all capable of this progressive life style upgrade, if we choose to seek it. Willingly!


NOW on to the SupHerb Rating Guide!


Keeping it SupHerbly simple.

There are five categories: Location, Marketing, Cleanliness, Service and Meal.

  • Location, is the ease of access for customers to locate the establishment.
  • Marketing, is related to coupons, ads, commercials, or information about.
  • Cleanliness, refers to the bathrooms, dining and customer viewing area.
  • Service, from the staff and employees during customer interactions.
  • Meal, is it as advertised, or to your specifics, taste/fresh and presentation.


Each is rated at zero points, one half of a point, or one point. Basically, zero points is a not acceptable or no effort score. One half of a point is effort but needs improvement. And one point is acceptable and at the top of efforts. It is only possible to get a SupHerb five rating. The Lanita SupHerb Outings are usually a solo venture, allowing focus and attention to the task of rating the overall establishment. Apologies, no alcohol please.



                        Lanita                                                              21.4.18 @ 3PM ldp/LDP

2014-11-15 20.13.18

First SupHerb Outing post to arrive 25.5.18

Check back on Friday the twenty-fifth, after Noon EST.     Much appreciation.

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SupHerbin Guardin

Do you la need a SupHerbin Guardin?


2016-11-18 15.45.03

First, I must appreciate you for reading this message. Thanks!

Now, I will give you the basic details on what a SupHerbin Guardin is and why, perhaps you need one.

From the days of our ancestors till now, we all eat that which is created from the lands. Even GMO’s are from the lands, only they have been modified by human agenda before they reach the consumers. The best part about all of the guardin (garden) stuff is that everyone can do it from home, if they get resourceful. It’s a superb idea to grow herbs!

Thus, we have the SupHerbin Guardin. The idea is to get the seeds you want to sprout and put them into a container or the ground near your home and nurture them to maturity. Schedule a harvest session when the timing is ripe, and voila! You have your SupHerbin Guardin.

I re-purposed these materials to make this sprouting pot. A young tomato plant.

The plans that I will share, were created when I was living in a second story apartment, with a patio. I used container pots suitable for the plants I wanted to grow. I made a chart to keep track of my progress and that allowed me to plan the harvesting accordingly. Overall, I was able to adjust the climate because the patio was partially enclosed. I used a mister to regulate the humidity when it got hot and the plants loved it.

H2O melon
First fruit of my labor!

And now, we have the current SupHerbin Guardin blueprint. If you want to get seeds, I have them for you. I will assist you with where to locate your guardin, what size containers you need to use, if the ground is not an option. I will show you some natural processes to use for feeding your guardins. Plus, I will share pictures of my success to give you more ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

One of the first concepts at a container guardin.

container garden.JPG

Of course, this is mainly for local people here in the 609 area. However, if you need a SupHerbin Guardin assist and you want me to make an appearance, that can be arranged if you cover travel expenses. So, be brave and let’s get the guardin started for a supHerb harvest.

Why do you need a SupHerbin Guardin?

Wellness. I know many healthy people, and a majority of them have access to chemical-free food. Yes, you will be growing this supherb guardin with all that nature has provided. Just as our ancestors did. Besides, this will save you some cash. It’s a known fact that you will cut your grocery cost by 25-50%. It all depends on what you believe you can do and will do to reach that goal. Plan to cut 50% of your food costs and you will but, leave that task to the way side and it may sneak up and steal your wallet at night.

Protect your health and your plans in life. If you are the guard, then be supherb.

Ultimately, it will aid your health, save you money, teach you new techniques, calm your nerves, build your confidence, strengthen your muscles, adjust your habits and perhaps. A SupHerb Guardin will make you wealthy.

Go and figure that out…

Much appreciation again, for joining my journey.


Lanita the Ayurvedic Life Styl’ist